Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Current Sephora Canada Wishlist

To be honest, I am resorting to a wishlist post for two reasons: 1) it's been stinkin' ages since I got anything from Sephora (minus the birthday freebie and tote bag) and my list is growing and 2) it's been cloudy out, making it impossible for good blog photos. If you have anything on my wishlist, tell me all about it!

Also, since I'm talking about Sephora, I'm not a big fan of the changes in Canada. For now, we cannot get many brands both in Sephora stores and on the website. I used to make orders online to get the brands and items the stores here did not carry and now that option is gone. Half of the things in my "loves" are no longer available to me. I will still probably place orders online during the $12 deals or if a good sale happens, but the main reason I really put through online orders has gone wayside. The perks of the changes are faster shipping and no customs costs.

With all of that said, I now have two separate wishlists for when I'm here or in the States. Here's my Canadian one!

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