Friday, May 15, 2015

SST Cosmetics Quintessential Collection

This is a new line for me that I had yet to hear about until contacted. I always love trying out brands that are either new or just plain new to me! SST Cosmetics comes out with collections with hashtags and obvious themes, making it fun to keep up with what is coming next. I received a few items from their Quintessential Collection, available for this summer.

Top Row: eyeshadow duo, lipstick, lip polish
Middle Row: naked lips, lipstick
Bottom Row: lipstick and lip polish combo, lip polish

The Meek Silky Eye Combo is a neutral duo that is perfect for everyday use. I love the idea that it comes with one matte and one shimmer. If you didn't want to wear this pair alone, I can see it working with just about every other eyeshadow out there. The left side is a great highlighting shade! I do wear primers underneath my shadows, but I did not notice any creasing with the matte and just a little at the end of the day with the shimmer color. Both blend very easily.

Stripped Lipstick and Vital High Shine Lip Polish are as divine as a pair as they are solo. If you are not new to my blog, you know my love of a pinkish nude lip. And these are two winners, if you ask me. I especially like Vital, as it looks great on its own or layered over other lipsticks. Because it is hydrating with the help of cocoa butter and vitamin E, the lipstick does not sink as much into my lip lines. I still use a balm underneath, but I could probably get away without it.

I'm really excited to now know about this brand and to have gotten to try these three products. I can see myself reaching for these a lot now that I have them in my collection. Heads up to my Canadian readers who might be on the prowl to try a brand you haven't tried yet or wanting to stock up your kit! This is definitely a company that deserves a little more recognition!

About the Brand:
SST Cosmetics is a Canadian brand created by makeup artist Sharon Sharpe-Titus. Sharon works to create products that are free of harsh chemicals and parabens, as well as no testing on animals. Aside from makeup items, they also offer skincare products and beauty accessories. The products are available in select salons across Canada, as well as on the website.

*These products were sent to me for testing and reviewing purposes. All pictures and thoughts are my own. There are no affiliated links in this post.


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