Friday, April 3, 2015


Honestly, maybe I should start calling this InstaMonth since I'm aiming to do it in monthly installments. Noted! Are you as addicted to Instagram as I am? It's ok to admit it. We're all in this together. If you'd like to connect with each other on there, I'm "wendybanner". Here are a few that I shared across the month of March!

instagram bbloggers book coffee candy dog
1. Reading and coffee break.
2. One of the cutest little faces I've ever seen. My little Indy.
3. Never will I have a bag of these and not be bombarded with nostalgia.
instagram bbloggers books sushi makeup coffee
4. Give me all the books.
5. Eating sushi at a hockey game in a suite spoiled me for all future games.
6. It's always coffee o'clock for me, no matter the time change.
instagram bbloggers mac shamrock holiday baking
7. MAC Highlight Palette
8. Shamrock brownies I made for my husband's office party.
9. Shamrock cupcakes, because that's how I choose to meet my green quota.
instagram bbloggers lipstick dog spring
10. The best recent purchase I have made!
11. I just want to cuddle this guy all day.
12. Getting my place ready for spring- bye bye winter decor! (Printable found here.)
instagram bbloggers movie night blue mountains trip makeup tulips national home show
13. Getting ready for movie night during our Blue Mountains trip.
14. What I packed in my makeup bag for the trip.
15. "The earth laughs in flowers."- Ralph Waldo Emerson (Pretty flowers at the National Home Show.)

Do you do these types of posts? Let me know! I'll be back next week with my blog of the month for April and monthly favorites. Hope you have a great Easter weekend!


Wendy Banner said...

I'm dying to read The Girl on The Train!

xo, Liz

Wendy Banner said...

It was interesting! I really didn't care for the first half, but then it pulled me in when I didn't expect the twists. I like when mysteries get one over on me. I hated every character, just like Gone Girl, but this ending was far more satisfying to me. That's all I'll say, but it's definitely one I'm glad that I read (which I couldn't say about Gone Girl!). :)

Wendy Banner said...

I'll definitely have to pick up a copy!

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