Friday, December 5, 2014

The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2014: Days 1-5

Like last year with the Benefit one, I will be doing weekly insights (on Fridays) into what was behind each little slot.This week is a short one since the 1st fell on Monday. It's so fun to get to open an advent calendar again. Who doesn't want a little present daily, rather it be food or beauty related?!

body shop almond lotion bath soap nails
Day 1: Almond Hand and Nail Cream - Not a fan of the smell, but I definitely like how it feels.
Day 2: Almond Nail File - Weirdly, I like the smell of this. Honestly! It has a slight scent.
Day 3: Frosted Cranberry Soap - Heart-shaped soap? I don't want to use it. It's too cute!
Day 4: Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel - This cranberry scent is delicious. It's Christmas in a bottle.
Day 5: Frosted Cranberry Shimmer Lotion - Emphasis on the word shimmer. Not glitter. It's a nice sheen.

Did you get an advent calendar this year? Also, don't forget that I have a giveaway open! Have a great weekend!


Wendy Banner said...

That heart it's so cuuute. I didn't get any Advent calendar yet, but this one from The Body Shop is tempting :)

Wendy Banner said...

That soap is super cute, I'm opening Boots No7 calendar, it's so exciting! xx

Love Vicki ♥

Wendy Banner said...

I've seen photos of this Advent calendar popping up on my Instagram feed and it looks like some really great items! I'll bet the rest of the month is just as good :)

xo Jackie

Something About That

Wendy Banner said...

That soap!!! Eeeep! I love that almond hand cream. I actually don't mind the smell. It reminds me of the old school Jergens lotion!

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