Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas to those that celebrate! I just wanted to write a quick note to say that I have posts scheduled to go up during my holiday break. So if you're bored of Netflix and stuffing your face with leftovers and Christmas sweets, I'll have new material up for you to read. A few posts related to 2014 and Christmas will be a bit delayed, as I will be sharing them in the new year.

christmas ornament tradition
I'm enjoying the break with my husband until January 5, 2015, when I will be back and blogging/commenting at normal tempo. Tonight, we'll be watching Christmas movies in our PJs and opening our gifts to each other. I grew up in a family where we opened our gifts on Christmas Eve, because Christmas Day was for the Santa gifts. Does anyone else do that?

I liked it that way, because I was always worn out from playing with my gifts from the family that falling asleep for Santa wasn't much of a problem. And it made me appreciative about who gave me what, because it wasn't lost in the chaos that followed the next morning. It was a fun-filled two days with the family!

I hope you all have a lovely holiday break! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)


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