Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Birthday Dress

I first heard about eShakti through my girl Jackie of Something About That. Shortly after that, I was actually contacted by them to try one of their clothing items. Always looking for companies that cater to plus-sized women, I did not hesitate to accept. Even better that my birthday was coming up at the time and I wanted something new to wear to celebrate!

Like I said, they stand out from the crowd because they cater to many different sizes. Bravo, eShakti! What else do I like? The pieces are completely customizable. You can do it to your exact measurements, you can change the arm and skirt length, the neckline, and add pockets. Pockets! Do I need to say more? You know I had you at that point, you can admit it.

The dress I chose is also available in skirt form and is still available- see them here. The stock changes often, so act fast if you see something you like. I changed the arm length, because cap sleeves look horrible on me. I did the below knee length and added pockets. This particular dress has no stretch, so I ordered a size up. I'm very happy that I did that! The fabric is thick and sturdy and holds up well. And I love the retro vibe it has going on!

I'm lucky to have been offered a chance to review this dress, as it seems they are only accepting US orders at this time due to Customs costs. I can understand that, but I was lucky enough not to experience it! Customer service was quick to respond to my emails and very kindly gave me a coupon code for all of you.

Enter "wendyfashes" and save 10% off of your next order until July 26, 2014!

Fashionable Heart | eShakti Chevron Dress
**This dress was provided to me by eShakti. All pictures and thoughts are my own. I am not being paid, nor are there affiliate links in this post.


Wendy Banner said...

happy bday, its a big one! :) celebrated it 2yrs ago.
are you on livejournal? there is a community called fatshionxchange, I used to buy and sell there from 2010 to last year, I have lost weight since and can't buy most of stuff over there anymore but I still follow, I am saying because I saw this same brand a lot for sale over there. They have really good sales and most girls will want to send to Canada for the shipping fee, prices are good so its worth it specially compared to our prices with tax over here.

Wendy Banner said...

I love the dress you picked out, it's very classy and flattering! I really want to try eshakti at some point. Customization is very handy for people like myself who have some curves!

Wendy Banner said...

That dress is so cute, it almost has a vintage vibe to it!

Wendy Banner said...

me neither, I will make an album and post on craigslist and kijiji. there is that comm that is like poshmark in the US but they didn't work with CIBC last time I checked. they do work with other 4 banks though. it's called TrendTrunk. do you know what other places I could post them on? there are also those new Kind Exchange second hand places all over town. They give either 20% cash when you bring items (the ones which they select), 25% store credit of their projected sell price or you can get money when they sell, somewhat more.
it's not much but for stuff that doesn't sell elsewhere and you really want to get rid, it's either charity, them or h&m $5 for bag of clothes program :P

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