Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Get to know me a little better!

Sometimes I get personal, sometimes I don't. It always depends on the post and topic on how willing I am to share. I do try to be as open as possible while retaining at least a shred of privacy! But today I was thinking that it might be fun to share a few random things about myself. If you like these types of posts, I can always come back at a later time with another handful of randomness!

1. I'm ambidextrous. I write mainly with my left hand, but I can switch it up. I go back and forth between left and right during eating, sports, and everything else. I do think I'm better with my left hand and consider myself a leftie!

2. I just turned 30 and my little brother will be turning 9. Yep, I spent most of my life as an only child and now I have a sibling. My mom had me while she was young and I was a surprise. Years down the road and my little brother was a surprise. The best surprises though, right Mama? ;)

3. I am ridiculously sensitive. I can cry at the drop of a hat and take things too personally often. I'm the person who cannot watch the news because I will cry at every sad story.

4. I've had several nicknames, but my main one is Wendy the Pooh. I have had that one since birth and I believe my aunt Doris started it. I don't think I'll ever grow out of it!

5. A lot of people called me a suck-up during my school years because I was so close to my teachers, but honestly I was just trying to escape things from home. I was blessed with a lot of amazing teachers that not only taught me in the classroom, but out of it. My dearest friend and mentor was my French teacher, Mrs. Parsell. I had a few short years with her before she died suddenly, but she made a huge impact on my life and I think of her often!

6. My husband was my first everything. First kiss, first love, first everything. Some people doubted our relationship due to the age gap and long distance, but I moved up here and our relationship got stronger. It's when we realized that we should stop listening to outside forces that we really blossomed. Ten years later and going strong!

7. I am a YouTube addict! I keep wanting to start making regular videos, but you know what...I'm lazy. Yep, I said it. It takes a lot to film and edit!

8. I am the queen of one-liners and comebacks, a title I have held since high school. Probably from all of the years that people made fun of me. It's my coping mechanism, but I also say it is tit for tat. Don't dish it if you can't take it! Oh and mine are meant to be funny, not malicious. Hurting people for kicks should get you kicked.

So there we go- a few little facts about me! You know what I would love? For you to do a post like this, as well! If you do, link it in the comments so that I can read them. :)


Wendy Banner said...

#2 - Glad to see someone else in the same boat! My little brother and I are 19 years apart, and people always get big eyes when I say it.

I'll admit it can be a little strange sometimes, but I think we have a better relationship because of it.

Great post!

Wendy Banner said...

Wow, that's a big age gap between you and your brother! My sister is actually 9 years older so people always assumed that I was a "surprise" baby too, but my mom claims that they were just really freaking slow to have a 2nd kid, haha!

Wendy Banner said...

I have a little sis who just turned 21 and I will be 40 this year! She was so much fun when I was a teenager. And now she's one of my best friends! I loved this post Wendy! So good to get to know u a little better! ;)

Wendy Banner said...

I love posts like this!!!

That's really interesting to have such an age gap with your sibling. It must be cool to both have the only child experience, but still having that sibling. I'm sure you'll get closer the older you both get.

I'm also a lefty, but I play most sports right handed! I can't even imagine how you throw a baseball with your left hand :)

xo Jackie

Something About That

Wendy Banner said...

Yay! I definitely get strange looks when I bring it up for the first time to someone. I love having a sibling now and think that this benefited both of us since it's like we both grew up as only children in the house. I only wish I was not so far away from him, because I feel like I am missing out on so much!

Wendy Banner said...

Love it!

Wendy Banner said...

Love hearing about others having these age gaps with their siblings! If I could change one thing, it would be the distance. Because of money and time, I have not been able to get home since 2012. But I'm hoping I can get him up here for a visit one day soon!

Wendy Banner said...

Definitely! I think it makes us appreciate each other a lot more. I can't wait to see him grow up and have a tight sibling bond!

So maybe you're a bit ambidextrous too, in at least your activities? I switch back and forth in everything and don't even realize it half of the time until someone mentions it to me. That's how I found out in the first place! I was at the board in elementary school answering a math question. I started writing with my left and ended with my right. My teacher was looking at me like I'd grown another head. Haha!

Wendy Banner said...

I love these kinds of posts Wendy the Pooh! :D Happy you and your hubby did what was right for you and stopped listening to other peoples opinions. And how sweet that he was your "first" everything!!!

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