Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Home Goods - Target and Ikea

We've been doing a little shopping here and there for a few new home goods. I thought I would share a few things that I just recently got at Target and Ikea, since those are pretty accessible by a lot of my readers. I hope to do an "Around My Home" type post soon to show a few areas of my home, but give me a little time. Still organizing, cleaning, and painting galore at the moment! I'm really happy with how things are coming along, though. And I am on a huge home decor and renovation kick. Can't stop, won't stop!

I'm determined to do whatever we can on a budget whenever possible, so I find myself very grateful for stores like Ikea and Target. You can get just about any style you are interested in and not break the bank. Thank goodness!

  1. White Malm Nightstands (2) - This past week, they were BOGO here!
  2. Malin Blad Duvet Cover Set - I saw pictures of it and wasn't sold on it, but then I saw it in person. It is gorgeous and looks great for spring and summer. A fabulous pop of color for our bedroom!
  3. White Branas Baskets (2) - These are great! I'm going back soon to get a few of the rattan ones for my hobby room. These went in my little 2x2 Expedit (now known as Kallax) that I keep in the hallway.
  1. Threshold Square Shade Lamp - Because this was going on the table opposite the blue lamp, I wanted something neutral. Together, they provide a nice level of light at night.
  2. Room Essentials White Microfiber Sheets - These are soooo soft! I wanted crisp white sheets to go with the duvet set above. A perfect combo! A bed makeover that cost under $50? Yes, please!
  3. Threshold Zigzag Serveware Collection - I picked up four of the little dip bowls and a small salad plate in the zigzag pattern.
  4. Threshold Chevron Runner Rug in Gray - Not really a gray, though. It's more of a light brown and it works well with a chevron rug that I have in the hallway at my front door. I put this in front of my cabinets and sink in the kitchen.
  5. Zebra Bath Rug - A little louder than I normally go for, but I put this in the powder room. It needed a powerful piece, because it's a smaller room. I plan on painting the bathroom a charcoal color and it has chrome features. It'll all come together, but this was an instant facelift.
  6. Threshold Mix and Match Shade and Base - I love the pop of color this gives to my living room, while still remaining neutral enough to go with just about any decor.
At our old place, I strayed from patterns and stuck to the same colors throughout most of the rooms. And honestly, I think I just didn't care how it was decorated to a certain degree because I never wanted it to be our permanent home. I cared, just not enough. With this place, I hope to call it home for a good while (even if the neighbors suck right now). It offers what I wanted that the other place never could and I find myself wanting it to be at its fullest potential. My real home decorating style is finally getting to come out and it feels amazing to sit back and actually start to be happy with my surroundings.


R. said...

Nice finds! I love the duvet covers at Ikea. Plus it's so easy to change them up if you get tired of the pattern.

Jackie said...

It looks like you got some great new pieces! I actually LOVE the home decor options at Target. I much prefer it to Ikea....but maybe it's because Ikea is just way too intimidating to me! haha

xo Jackie
Something About That

Wendy Banner said...

@Rebecca- Definitely! This is my second one from there (third one I found cheap at Walmart) and they are so easy. I had never even heard of duvets until I moved here. I was always a comforter and quilt girl. Now I have the best of all the worlds! :)

@Jackie- It's definitely intimidating and the crowds are typically atrocious! I have to go in with a list or the trip becomes a total nightmare. Target is my jam for life!

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