Friday, May 9, 2014

My Home Binder

I got this idea from Pinterest probably a year or so ago and I made a mental note- when I move, put this idea to use! The home binder holds all of my warranties, instructions, manuals, etc. in one place. I was so bad at putting the booklets that come with things down and losing them. This gives them a place to go, so no more tearing my place apart.

I went out last weekend to Target and picked up this gorgeous binder and some sheet protectors and got to work. When we moved, I had to get all new appliances and made sure that I kept track of the booklets and such. I got them all in this binder within minutes!

home binder

home binder
So for example, this is the sleeve that holds everything about my washer. Besides appliances, I also have my steam mop instructions, cable company info, iPhone warranty, and any other item that I bought a warranty on. Now if something breaks down, I know exactly where to go to get whatever information I will need. Guys, this has made my life so much easier in just a short time and small amount of work. So worth it!


R. said...

This is a really good idea. I toss all of my manuals and stuff into this little box on the shelf, but actually finding something later can be... er... tricky. Sheet protectors and a binder would probably make a huge difference!

Jackie said...

This is a great idea!! I'm also the type that just needs an excuse to buy a really cute binder, notepads, etc, and this is a perfect one :)

xo Jackie
Something About That

Wendy Banner said...

@Rebecca- Pinterest is always to the rescue!

@Jackie- Yes, girl! Pretty office supplies make even the menial tasks a little better. :)

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