Friday, May 30, 2014

InstaFriday and Disqus

Yesterday, I made the switch to Disqus comments. I hope this is okay with everyone and that you all will have no issues with commenting. I just thought it might be easier for me to reply and it is a lot better at letting you know that I have done so. If for some reason it does not work for you, please let me know!

Here's another InstaFriday post, where I post about once a month with a few of my recent shots from Instagram. You can find me as "wendybanner" on there. I follow all legit accounts back and especially fellow bloggers. Let's connect and chat!

1. Jade loves our new patio. I let her out and this is what happens frequently.
2. An Audrey Hepburn marathon on her birthday? Don't mind if I do. Forever my idol!
3. Free drink award on my gold card calls for a Caramel Ribbon Crunch frappuccino!
4. Up close and personal with my little brat furbaby.
5. Biscuits and jelly will always remind me of home. Always.
6. Just like apples and peanut butter will probably always be my favorite snack.

If you do these posts, let me know! I'm off to get ready to set up our Warm and Fuzzy Knits booth for this weekend's craft show. If you are in the GTA (general Toronto area) and shopping for baby items, come on out and shop!


Wendy Banner said...

Personally I think Disqus is way better, so thumbs up for the switch!

Wendy Banner said...

Ah, good to hear! I'd had the default for so long that I didn't want to upset anyone by the change who might have been used to the old system.

Wendy Banner said...

I finally created myself a discus profile today. May the commenting commence! - Also - LOVE the new header! xx

Wendy Banner said...

Yay! Hope it didn't take too much of your time to do it. :) Thank you- just changed it yesterday on a whim!

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