Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 2014 Favorites

Another month gone, another favorites post! This month has had me down to the bare necessities. I mean, a lot of my stuff is still packed in boxes that I end up yanking out as I find the need for them. I'm pretty sure that my boxes multiply as I unpack them because I unpack a few and think I've made a dent, only to turn around and find a dozen more. Oh well, at least I have a kitchen, living, and dining room unpacked. That's progress!

Let's talk about my favorites this month! During the move, I went for about two weeks without makeup and the days I did wear it, I went for very simple and fast. These got the job done and made me presentable enough to not terrify people on the streets with my naked face. I kid. Sorta. ;)

March favorites MUFE MAC Rimmel Victoria's Secret
* Waffle weave bag from Glitzy Glam - This has been the perfect size to toss in the products that I can't live without. We've been in our new place for over two weeks now and it has kept me sane knowing that my favorite makeup items are in one place until I get things the way I want them. Review is here.

* MAC Studio Careblend powder - I love this powder. I tend to reach for it a lot more than my MSF Natural now. I'm almost out, but I still have other powders to get through first.

* Rimmel London Apocalips in Nova - I still want another one or two of these Apocalips soon. This one is a great opaque pink and great for spring! Swatch and review is here.

* Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow in 28E - I do plan on reviewing this soon. I use it as a base most days, but sometimes I just swipe it on and go. I don't experience any creasing.

* Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer - This is my second tube. They last a good while, because it takes the smallest bit to get the job done. And it covers everything. Everything.

* Victoria's Secret Love Spell body spray - I have gone through multiple bottles of this since high school. It's just one of those smells that takes me back in time. This scent and Pure Seduction are hands down my favorite Victoria's Secret scents!


Unknown said...

Oh I'd love to try the Careblend powder! It sounds great x

Jackie said...

I didn't know they still made Love Spell!! That really takes me back...and now I kind of want some!!

xo Jackie
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