Friday, March 7, 2014

Korres Lip Butters Swatches

I'm not seeing much of the Korres makeup line listed on Sephora anymore, which makes me wonder if they are selling what they have left like they did with Lorac. I hope not! That's probably the one thing that I don't like about Sephora- how they only sell brands for a few years before moving on. I understand wanting to offer new products, but at least offer them online. Often, Sephora is the easiest way for me to get my hands on certain brands.

Here are my swatches of each one that I own:

Korres Lip Butter swatches

Korres Lip Butter swatches

Korres Lip Butter swatches
Top Row: Guava, Pomegranate, and Jasmine.
Bottom Row: Mango, Wild Rose, and Quince.

On my lips, Guava and Jasmine are barely told apart. Jasmine has the slightest hint of pink. I would say that you don't need both, but they each smell good enough to eat. I often use Jasmine during the day and Guava at night before bed. Each of these scents smell divine! The Korres lip butters are my favorite tinted lip balm. I find that they moisturize extremely well and the color is easy enough to build up. They don't feel heavy on the lip and the packaging is lightweight and easy to carry.

If you don't like potted products, I would suggest the Glazes. They are the same product, but in a tube. You get slightly more product in the tube for a small inflate of price. During the holidays, you can often find these in value packs. That's where most of mine are from. You get the most for your money that way!

Now to get my hands on Raspberry and Plum one day!


R. said...

These sound amazing! I looooove scented lip butters and balms.

Unknown said...

The Wildrose one looks amazing! :)

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