Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 Oscars: My Best and Worst Dressed Choices

The 86th Academy Awards were last night. I chose other means of entertainment to watch (the Sleepy Hollow finale because it's been sitting on my PVR for ages! Soooo good!), but I did pay attention to the red carpet arrivals. There were many lovely dresses and it was hard to narrow it down. Here are my best and worst, as well as my always promised male eye candy.

2014 Oscars best dressed
Lupita Nyong'o - Prada. This is her first time on one of my lists. I know a lot of people have loved her choices so far, but I haven't been blown away. This is too gorgeous to ignore! The neckline is deeper than I typically am drawn to, but I'm just a modest dresser. And as much as I love a headband, I don't think it was needed here. But that gown color and style on her? Jaw dropping. My close friend Jen threatened that she would die if I didn't include her on my best list and I can't let that happen. I've got you, girl!

Olivia Wilde - Valentino. Does this gal have the best pregnancy style right now or what?!  She has stuck to a beautiful level of simplicity and classic looks.

Lady Gaga - Versace. I'm a complete Gaga fan, but I never thought I'd be putting her on one of my best dressed lists. I love that we have to expect the unexpected with her. I can't stop staring at how perfect this dress is for her.

Jessica Biel - Chanel. Some people think she plays it safe on the red carpet, but I say there is no need to fix it if it ain't broke. She knows what works for her and this is definitely it. The dress is glitzy, but doesn't outshine her beauty. The Tiffany jewels are also droolworthy.

2014 Oscars worst dressed
Liza Minnelli - Unknown designer. Love the color, but nothing else. At least it looks...comfortable? That's all I've got.

Ireland Baldwin - Burberry. I don't like the overly blonde hair. I feel like it and the dress both age her tremendously. I usually love lace dresses, but this one doesn't keep my interest. It really didn't need the high thigh slit.

Jennifer Garner - Oscar De La Renta. There's nothing I truly like about this, especially the neckline.

Emma Watson - Vera Wang. It's got a bit of a tank top feel up top. I don't think it's the right bodice for a formal gown. I just don't think it's a good way to top a fabulous bottom half of a dress.

2014 Oscars Joseph Gordon-Levitt
The eye candy mention goes to Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a suit by Calvin Klein. That's one fine looking gentleman!


R. said...

Liza Minnelli's outfit reminds me of a wizard costume my mom sewed for me when I was in primary school. Haha!

Unknown said...

Lupita's dress is by far my favourite, she looks amazing!!


Linh said...

Oh gosh, Lady Gaga looks soooo classy! I'm so surprised.

Oh, Emma Watson! No... =(

Wendy Banner said...

Shut up there are worst dressed

Wendy Banner said...

Fashion is subjective. It's ok not to like and dislike the same choices. Your opinion is fine, but would be better voiced without the rudeness. Have a great weekend!

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