Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sick kitty.

I planned on doing a post on my Valentine's Day and a few Influenster goodies early this week, but those will have to wait a little longer.

On Sunday, I noticed that Jade's paw was swollen. There was a dark bump on top, which required that I take a closer look. I discovered that the pad under her dewclaw was also swollen. She had been doing everything normal, not limping, purring, jumping up on the furniture just fine, chasing lights...she's a real trooper. This isn't the say that it went unnoticed for awhile. There was nothing to notice, not on the outside anyway. We went to bed late Saturday night and I noticed it early on Sunday.

We took her to the emergency vet that night when the pad started to ooze liquid. Apparently, she has the cat equivalent of an ingrown toenail. Her dewclaw grew into the pad and caused the swelling and infection. They were able to fix it, bandage her up, and we brought her home with antibiotics to give her. The next morning we were called back for them to check on the bandage, but they noticed that the dark bump on top was actually an abscess. So they wanted to take a further urine test because her kidney levels were high and they needed to do a surgery to get out the abscess.

We had to leave her overnight for the surgery, tests, and the IV. We are supposed to be able to pick her up tonight and they will hopefully have all of the test results back. The clinic has always been amazing with our pets. They called us twice last night to give us updates on her condition and to let us know that they gave her a hug for us. Is that not the sweetest thing? And with this move, our finances are extremely tight right now. They took three tests off of our bill to save us around $300 off the costs. Words cannot express our gratitude.

The vets and technicians have fallen for her. They can't believe she is 15 years old! Of course, she looks good. She's high-maintenance and spoiled rotten. She's living a life of luxury! What a cat. And while she drives me absolutely bonkers on most days, she's still my little kitty. Jade is a total "mommy's girl".

We're hoping she gets back to her usual healthy self, like seen above. She's such a ham! That's our Jade!


Unknown said...

I hope she gets better soon! I hate it when my dog is ill, I feel so helpless! xx


Kar Yi said...

Aw, glad to hear that Jade is doing better! It's so nice that the clinic is so caring and helpful with regards to cost and treatment. Jade looks stunning for her age :D

Rebecca said...

I can't believe she's 15 years old, she looks like a kitten!!!!

Rebecca Coco

Rebecca said...

Also hope she's better soon :) x

Living Life With Joy said...

Aw. I hope she's better soon. *hugs*


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