Thursday, February 13, 2014

Influenster: #mysterybrand Vox Box for L'Oreal Canada

This has been a fun Influenster Vox Box to say the least! Usually you know what you're getting, but this is still a mystery. L'Oreal has a new haircare line coming out and they sent three little testers for us Canadian Influensters to try. Then, they will be sending me another box with the actual finished products. I'm going to review these and I will be sure to share what they turned out to be as soon as I know!

I was confused this go-around. You take a survey to see if you qualify for a certain box, so I did and was turned down afterward. I got an email the next day saying that my box was on its way, which left me scratching my head. Then, I got an email a day after that saying not to worry about not qualifying as there is always next time. Cue more head-scratching. At that point, I had no idea if I should be looking for the box or not! But it came and made me a happy camper!

I don't usually like sample bottles like these, because they often leak. And the conditioner did leak a little in the box, but they wrapped it in bubble wrap so it was contained to one area. These smell amazing. You know how salons have the best smelling shampoo and you can never replicate it at home? These smell just like what is used in salons. The color of the formula reminds me a bit of mucus when you have a cold, but I can overlook that.

I have really thin hair and I typically use thickening shampoos. I find most formulas to be too heavy on my hair. I actually found the shampoo to be light and it foamed up nicely. I usually prefer my Aussie 3 Minute Miracle or It's a 10 Leave-In conditioners, but this did leave my hair feeling silky. I had less tangles, which is always an added bonus. With the split-end serum, it's too soon to tell. You have to give it time to work. I have been applying it to my ends and I find it easy to work with. No greasy residue with any of the products. I'm liking them so far. Enough to switch from my other products permanently? I don't think so, but they are nice additions to my rotation.

I'd love for the serum to work. I cannot wait to see what the mystery line is and share the information with all of you!

**Products provided by Influenster and L'Oreal Canada. All views and pictures are my own.


RACH RAVES said...

I really need to review more on Influenster, it's such a cool idea to be able to receive things like this to try out! Whatever it is, it sounds amazing if it smells like salon products! Nothing beats that smell! xx

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