Friday, December 13, 2013

Benefit Advent Calendar Week Two

I've mentioned on twitter that I would be sharing weekly mini write-ups on the Benefit Countdown to Love advent calendar from this year. Every Friday, I'll share what are behind the doors that I have opened that week. Here is December 7-13th!

I know many of you could not get your hands on this advent calendar, but all of these sample-sized products (aside from the charm bracelet) can be bought from their permanent line in full sizes!

week two
Life on the A List lipgloss
Life on the A List
I already own this from my Her Name was Glowla palette. This is a peachy color and has a little bit of pigmentation, but I find it better for layering on top of lipsticks. It's not an unique color by any means, but it's a good color to have in your stash.
High Beam highlighter
High Beam
When I'm not using a powder highlighter, I am most often using this. It's pink in tone and will suit cooler skintones better. If you're warmer, I'd look into Moon Beam. This is a very light formula and very easy to blend and layer until you get the look you want. It's great for highlighting multiple areas!
Life on the A List High Beam
^ Life on the A List, High Beam heavily swatched, and High Beam lightly blended.

That Gal
I find this to be similar in effect to MAC's Stobe Cream and I use it similarly. I mix a bit into my BB cream or foundation and apply as I normally would. As with most liquid brightening products, I'd probably stay away from this is you have oily skin.
Porefessional primer
The Porefessional
I find that this does make the skin look smoother. This looks kind of dark in the tube, but it goes on invisibly. It is not an oil control primer, so you may need a separate product or different primer if you have oily skin. My pores are not major, but it definitely "blurs" them.

BADgal Waterproof Liner
A basic black in color. I love waterproof liners! It is so soft and creamy, so it won't tug on your eyes. I cannot attest to how waterproof it is in real elements, but my Bioderma cleanser took it right off with no issues.
Porefessional That Gal BADgal liner
^ Porefessional blended in (you can't even see it!), Porefessional heavily swatched, That Gal heavily swatches, That Gal lightly blended, and BADgal black eyeliner.
Total Moisture face cream
Total Moisture Facial Cream
I have another sample of this. I love the little pots and plan on reusing them when they are empty.This is a thick formula and I prefer using it at night to let it soak in. I find it to heavy to use before makeup application. I think it might be too much for summer, but it brings a nice level of hydration for winter.
lucky charm bracelet
Lucky Charm Bracelet
This is on a stretch cord so it will fit all wrists. It's adorable! I'll pair it with some of my other bracelets in future outfits. I love the little horseshoe!

I'll set aside the duplicate items of what I already own. Some of them are great to have in travel-size to take on trips, but I think I'll do a giveaway in the new year with a few of the others. Any of the duplicates are staying unopened and I'm swatching the ones I already own. So stay tuned!


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