Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This is a Google rant.

You've been warned. I have a huge issue with Google's domain hosting right now. I've been on here since 2007 and bought my domain shortly after. I paid $10 annually for the ".com" and my personalized email address. Last year, they decided to do away with that deal and start charging new accounts for the email feature. It's considered a business account now.

I thought that was fine, since I was told it would not affect existing accounts. Fast forward to this week, I get an email saying I'll lose my domain and email if I don't set up automatic payment renewal. I figured it would be for the $10 annual fee and I could go on as usual. Wrong.

To keep everything, I'm being forced to upgrade to a business account which is $50 annually. Basically Google wants me to go from paying $10 to $50 and they want to treat me like they would a small business. I don't think that is fair. I'm just one blogger running a website. I rarely make a profit on here, because I don't find that to be my main goal with this blog.

I just like the uniformity of having my domain and email account match. I tried to find an email to contact Google and couldn't find one. How does Google not have an easy way of contacting them?! So I'm not sure if I will break down and pay the exorbitant fee or not. If I don't, I lose everything. And that email is the best way that blogger friends, businesses, and my partnerships contact me.

Has this happened to anyone else using Google's domains? My other two sites are through eNom on blogger and I've had no issue with them. They are still only the $10. I guess I might would accept the upgrade a little more easily had it been me to choose it and not being forced into it. And I certainly don't like being told that something won't affect me, only for the it to come back around and do the opposite.
Not cool, Google. Not cool at all.


kpsays said...

That's why I self hosted. It's not nearly as easy as blogger, and you do have to know some coding, but I wanted to own my content. Ugh. No good way to go really. Good luck hun!

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