Monday, November 25, 2013

Alice + Olivia Starbucks Mug

I couldn't resist! I tried to, but it's like this mug has a gravitational pull that was pulling me in. I couldn't resist the cuteness. It was worth the hunt! It is absolutely worth calling your local Starbucks to see if they have any left in stock. For me, I tried two locations at first with no luck. But the second store told me when they would be getting another shipment in and I called in that day to reserve one.

Sooooo worth it. Like I just can't handle the adorableness...I just can''s easily the cutest little mug I have ever seen! It's completely taken away my ability to type like a normal adult when I look at it. So here are my pictures and thoughts on the Alice + Olivia ceramic mug for Starbucks!

Alice + Olivia mug

Alice + Olivia mug
The details are hand-painted and this mug should be washed by hand only. It's also not meant to be used in microwaves. The back of the mug has the designer signature.
Alice + Olivia mug

Alice + Olivia mug

Alice + Olivia mug
The mug is double walled. Your hands stay protected from the hot drink and your drink stays warm. The lid has rubber guards along the sides to prevent spills and it just pops in. There is a ledge on one side to make it easy to take off the mug. You can also choose to move the tutu up and down or completely off. It has an elastic band that makes that easy.
Alice + Olivia mug
See what I mean? The fanciest and cutest mug in existence, I'm certain of it! Have you purchased one or are you planning to? At $19.95 US/$21.95 CA, the price is right!


R. said...

I think it's safe to say that this is the cutest mug I've ever seen, lol! And suddenly I'm filled with an urge to sew tiny tutus for my drinking glasses...

Unknown said...

This mug is so adorable.

Jackie said...

I'm so glad you sound it! I've been using it at work and that Tutu is getting a lot of attention. By far the best mug EVER.

xoxo Jackie

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