Monday, September 23, 2013

Emmys 2013: My Best and Worst Dressed

Yesterday held the 65th Emmys ceremony! I followed the red carpet looks online and I can't say that many blew me away. I mean, it's like most of the ladies asked for dresses to make them look as flat-chested as possible. What was with the trend of horrible necklines? I've picked a few dresses that stood out for me in good and bad ways. But first, I like to always throw in a little male eye candy on these posts and who can deny that Nathan Fillion is a proper definition of "eye candy"?! You're welcome!

nathan fillion
^ Laura Dern in Naeem Khan is easily my favorite of the night. That bright punch of color and fabric overlay is perfection. Malin Akerman in Marchesa is a wonderful unity.
^ Emily Deschanel looks great in this Houghton dress that matches her beautiful eyes. I don't always like Kaley's dress choices, but this Vera Wang is gorgeous! The color, the fit, everything.
^ Oh, Paula, no. Just no. I love the color and shimmer of Julianne's Jenny Packham dress, but I find the fact that it is see-through just really takes away from it. It would have been on my best list had it be solid all the way down.
^ Sandrine Holt's Honor dress just doesn't do it for me. I love the top half, but the bottom half looks like it went through a paper shredder. I'll say this about Lena's choice. I actually love the print of Lena's Prada dress, but I think it's a print that would look lovely at a shorter length and with less fabric. It just isn't flattering!

As always, there were others that I liked and didn't like but these are the tops and bottoms for me. Who had your favorite look and who left you scratching your head?


Unknown said...

I love the Burgundy Vera Wang dress, but Paula Abdul's dress does nothing for her.

Karen x

Fabulously Thrifty said...

Kaley Cuoco was one of my best dressed as well! I can't wait to see Joan Rivers tear people apart tonight on Fashion Police haha.

Wendy Banner said...

@Karen- I feel like we should be used to Paula's wacky style, but I really wish I could unsee this one!

@Fabulously Thrifty- Love Joan and Kelly O.! :)

kpsays said...

Kaley looked gorgeous. I loved Claire Dane's red dress. I think Lena Dunham needs to hire a stylist, or fire her existing one. She never wears anything flattering. However, I admire her confidence. Especially on her show.

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