Monday, June 24, 2013

New Summer Sandals!

I have been so good these recent months with my spending, but every now and then I still catch that retail therapy bug that follows us bloggers around! I originally wanted to find a dress at Old Navy on Saturday while they had a lot of their summer dresses on sale, but I was so disappointed in the selection at the store that I went to.

I practically live in flip-flops during the summer, but I only have three or four pairs of sandals. So I figured that since the dress search didn't work out that day, why not run into Payless and see if I could treat myself to some cute new sandals! Again, I found myself not impressed with much of the selection but then these bad boys popped out at me!

My local Payless only had the black ones available in my size, but I'm so tempted to go to another location to see if they have any of the other colors. The gold ones are gorgeous! Many of my ballet flats are American Eagle and they never let me down. They actually make really nice shoes.

I really like these, not only for the design, but because the sole is nicely padded. I hate flat sandals that have no padding whatsoever! Another great thing is the piece of rubber along the toe strap that makes it much more comfortable. The back of the shoe band is elastic and does not rub against my ankle. It's hard to find shoes that fit my wider feet, but these fit very well. I jump for joy when I actually find shoes that fit my big ol' feet!

And the best part? You know how most glittery shoes turn your hands and feet into a glitter bomb? Not these! The glitter stays put on the shoes. Score!

P.S.- I'm not sponsored by American Eagle or Payless. I spent my own money on these shoes and just wanted to share a good buy with all of you! :)


Fabulously Thrifty said...

Those are so cute! Sometimes those super flat sandals murder my feet though

Wendy Banner said...

@Fabulously Thrifty- I know what you mean! They are cute for going out for a short while, but any longer and it's torture. When I can find ones that manage to be cute and offer a good amount of padding, it's a small miracle. I may like fashion, but I'll always be a creature of comfort. Just wish more shoe brands would not think comfortable shoes should look like heavy clogs. Haha!

Wendy Banner said...

I should say that I have worn these out for a full day and had no discomfort. Win!

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