Monday, June 17, 2013

Birthday Wishlist!

I guess it has something to do with getting older, but I find each year more difficult than the last to come up with ideas for what to ask and do for my birthday. Christmas is different, because I feel like anything goes. But birthdays? I've never been comfortable asking for a lot of gifts, getting a cake, and especially the singing. I hate being the center of attention more often than not, more so with bigger groups and parties. I was always so happy to have a birthday during the summer, so I did not have to do any of the celebrations at school.

I've managed to put together a small list of what I truly want and what I think I would enjoy. Ok...and maybe a few superficial pretty things to make me happy! I'm not asking for any beauty products though, because I'm still finishing up my Project 10. :)

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens- I love taking pictures of flowers and this is perfect!

Moving- I want to find our next home, put ours on the market, and get this move over with.

Puppy- This is the longest I have ever gone without a dog and I'm going crazy without one. If you see me around any dog, you'll understand that this is not an overstatement. They make up a great part of my livelihood. And that's another reason I'm ready for this move so that we can be in a pet-friendly building!

Pandora cupcake charm- Because I love cupcakes and I love Pandora.

Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia cologne- This smells delicious. It's been on my mind for months now. Freesia and pear have always been two of my favorite scents. Put them together and it was love at first smell.

Sam Edelman Gigi sandals- Ah, these scream summer to me!

H&M messenger bag- Love this print and the colors. I can see this easily moving from summer to fall.

Nothing too exciting, but I know each of these things would get used often or be loved tremendously. And hey, if I don't get anything, I'm ok with that too. I've got some great friends and family that will make the day special enough!

Let me know in the comments what you got or what you are asking for on your birthday! I love seeing what people received and wishlists!


Emily said...

Your wishlist is awesome!! I love the camera lens!

I am offering a give away on my blog right now!


splattergirl said...

I am one of the biggest dog lovers ever! :) we moved here from EU 3 yrs ago and I didn't want to take my old Yorkie along because he was old and very attached to my dad (the dog passes away on 21st june last year, it will be a year now) so only this winter did we get a chance to get a dog!
I don't know which breeds/sizes of dog you prefer and whether you prefer to rescue which is very noble, since I wanted a specific breed and didn't have luck on kijiji/craigslist re-homing because these went almost the same day as they were listed, we got our little girl Gina over here:
she is the most amazing, loving and friendliest little dog ever, very smart and an awesome companion, the lady that sold her was awesome too.
whatever breed you choose and wherever you get him/her, I am sure he will have a great home with you :)

Wendy Banner said...

@emilyvannah- I only have my kit lens, so I'm dying for another one to have for variation. They are so expensive that I feel like I need to be extra picky when adding any to a wishlist. But they are all so!

@splattergirl- I have always rescued my dogs, but I definitely research what's available with all of the options. I don't judge anyone who goes by other measures. If that's what it takes to get you your dream pup, that's what you have to do! :)

We're more than likely going to a condo townhouse, so I know I'll restrict myself from getting a larger dog for their own comfort. I love dogs too much though, because I want every single one I see. It's going to make it hard to choose when the time comes! How can I choose just one when I want them all? Haha!

splattergirl said...

of course, rescuing is the best things to do - if we were only allowed to rescue a Westie! I am lucky they have such an adoption process, interviews, visits, screening and all to insure all the best possible conditions for the dogs! when we won't be renting we plan to get another one for sure!
townhouses can be awesome, recently I spotted some just at Keele-Bloor which look to have the best interior design ever, gallery and four rooms, pure awesomeness, even googled them out how they look from the inside!
I want to live in a place like this one day when we move to Montreal!
I used to take a photo of every single dog I saw waiting in front of a store, it starting to get annoying how obsessed with dogs I was - now I calmed down a bit, I have someone to give all my affection to :) have practically been without a dog for 2.5yrs!!!

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