Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Take me out to the ball game!

I've lost a few followers lately and I'm so sorry if it is due to lack of posting. My plate has been full, but I still try to get a post or two out when I can. I know my blog has taken a bigger turn toward a lifestyle type of blog, but I have always included a nice mix of posts on here. I assure you that I will continue to have a mix with makeup, hauls, music, and more. I hope that this is okay with you!

This past weekend, we celebrated my husband's birthday. On Friday, I took him to see Star Trek Into Darkness in IMAX 3D. AMAZING! Loved it, and I don't always think it, but I found the 3D to really add to the movie. On Saturday, I planned an outing with him and my in-laws to go to a Toronto Blue Jays game and to dinner. Thought I'd share some pics from the baseball game. We had some pretty decent seats and a lovely view!

^ We're lucky in Toronto, because the Rogers Centre has a roof that can open. Our games can go on, rain or shine. When the roof is open, we get a beautiful view of the CN Tower.
To see more pictures, please keep reading.
^ You could not pay me to do this! This is the observation deck on the Tower where they now allow people to walk along the edge. Just watching them do the EdgeWalk terrifies me!
^ Dickey getting ready to throw out a pitch. He did not have a good day, unfortunately.
^ A fan favorite, Bautista.
^ And one of my personal favorites, Lind. He had a great day at bat, but the home team still lost to the Baltimore Orioles 6-5. Bummer!

I had actually never been to a single pro sport game until I moved to Toronto in 2004! So I always get excited when we get tickets to baseball, lacrosse, hockey, etc. I am a huge sports fan and I feel like I'm making up a bit for lost time every game I get to go to!

Have you ever been to see a pro sport live? What's your favorite to attend? I've gone on about my love of the National Lacrosse League and my beloved Toronto Rock, so they rank top of my list so far. And one sports league I have yet to see live is the NFL. I'd love to finally see the New England Patriots with my own eyes live and in action!


Helen said...

I visited Canada last summer. I went to my first ever baseball game and LOVED it! :)


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