Monday, April 8, 2013

Around the World in 80 Eyeshadows Week 30

Group post time! Here's this week's question!

Good grief, this post made me realize how many primers I have in my collection. Luckily, they all have something that sets them apart from the others. I don't use primers all that often unless it is a full day out or going to a special event, aside from Embryolisse which is a mainstay in my routine. The ones I use the most are my L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base and the Embryolisse cream.

I love the idea of primers, but my skin is so dry that I don't often have an issue with my makeup not staying on. I like the dual-purpose ones like the green L'Oreal one that cancels out redness and the Embryolisse which also acts as a moisturizer. It has become my favorite moisturizer, hands down.

I do have a bit of an oily t-zone, in which case I like the Magic Perfecting Base. It provides a nice matte finish. The little jar is misleading, because a little goes a long way and it will last you quite a while!

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So how would you answer this week's question?!


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