Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Target Canada Haul, OOTD, & Review

I am on BFF status with Target in the States. We get along wonderfully and I visit whenever I can. Of course I was beyond excited when Canada opened the doors to its first three stores. I waited until Saturday and we drove the hour drive (whew- can't wait for the closer ones to open). Here is my haul, OOTD, and little review on my first expressions.

To see more pictures, please keep reading.

^ This sign greets you as you first walk in. Adorable! One thing that was unfortunate was that there was only one Dollar Zone aisle and it was strictly Easter items. A lot of things around the store said it was "being stocked". Unfortunately that was a lot of things! Asking an employee about it, she explained that it is a "soft opening" and they will not have a lot of the other items out until about a month. I did not like their choice to do that, as you are a new store to many here that have never gone to a Target. You want this to be their first impression?

With that said, the stuff that was out was much of what you would see in the US locations. The scarfs and jewelry were identical. Most of the shoes were, as well. The clothing was decent, but I saw not a single item from the Roots Target line. I saw a display for it though, so maybe it was already sold out. I did not see any plus-size section yet either, but a few online sources say it is coming. The maternity and active wear sections were both there, as was the juniors.

The store set-up is identical to the US counterparts. With the grocery section, I cannot tell you enough how happy I am to finally be able to get their Archer Farms brand up here. I used to have to stock up and bring it back from vacations. If you only try a few things when there, buy some Archer Farm items. Trail mixes, granola, baked goods, cocoa mixes, never disappoints!

The beauty aisles were good. I do like that we can finally get Sonia Kashuk up here. I honestly did not look that much around them, because I'm on my Project 10 and I don't want to be around so much temptation! ;) From what I saw, the prices were similar to those of Shoppers Drug Mart.

There we have it. It's a mixed review based on first impressions but not a negative one, I assure you. I would have preferred there be more things in stock. I think that once the new stores get into the swing of things and become fully stocked that it will compare quite nicely to the well-established stores across the border. I look forward to that day, though my wallet is trembling in fear! Thanks for finally coming up here, Target. This American gal was really missing one of her favorite stores!

^ I was good with my haul. I picked up two magazines and the Oz the Great and Powerful book. I am so obsessed with the witches! I already read the little book and it is so good. I just need to get over and see it in IMAX 3D. I never see movies near openings, because I hate crowded theatres. Well, crowded anything, really! And I found this cute pair of flats for $20. I don't have a pair of brown flats (except leopard print), so I was attracted to these. The sole is a little uncomfortable, but nothing Dr. Scholl's gel inserts cannot fix. Those are a miracle straight from Heaven when it comes to flats and dress shoes.

Sweater: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy
Crossbody bag: H&M
Jewelry: Pandora bracelet, wedding rings, Lisa Taubes gold chain necklace

Did any of you go to one of the stores that opened in Milton, Fergus, or Guelph? Parking was horrendous, but I'm glad to have went!


Emily said...

That is exciting! I am sure it will get better! I love the dollar section at my Target.


Wendy Banner said...

@emilyvannah- I agree! And it doesn't matter how many notepads and sticky notes I have, I always go in the Dollar Zone and grab more. They are a weakness! Smart on their part to put it right in front of the store. :)

Harija said...

Awesome and I have been following you for months and just realized today that you are from Canada

Wendy Banner said...

@Harija- Yep, Toronto, Ontario by way of South Carolina. I've gotten around! ;) Been here for eight years, though!

Wendy Banner said...

@splattergirl- Unfortunately none of the closer ones have opened yet! I think some will open by the end of this month into April. The only three open right now are in Fergus, Milton, and Guelph. I can't wait for one of the closer ones to open! Though I think I'd wait a month until it's been open to get the best stock, if it is anything like this one did.

MissAntonia90 said...

how exciting!!!! :)

Wendy Banner said...

@splattergirl- I'm so excited for you to finally get to go to your first one! There is also Pixi, but I think that was sold at Walmart previously. And they also carry ELF products! Another positive is that they have some extensions of lines that we already had like Boots in Shoppers. Target carries a lot more of their line.

For clothes, I have a Mossimo v-neck in just about every color. They are the most comfortable and well-fitting tees that I own.

For food, I can't say enough good things about their house brand "Archer Farms". The blueberry muffins are huge and to die for. The granola packs, caramel nut trail mix, peanut butter hot cocoa, etc. I think it is better than a lot of the big brands they carry!

Gaby Fauchon said...

I always feel so silly when sharing my excitement about Target stores opening in Canada ahahah but I CAN'T WAIT!

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