Friday, February 15, 2013

Urban Decay: Oz the Great and Powerful Glinda Palette

When I went to the MAC party last week, I also stopped into Sephora. I had a 10% off discount to use for renewing my VIB status. I finally got a VIB card, yay! Last time, I just got a little sticker added to my existing card. It was packaged so nicely with a little Sephora mirror compact.

Anyway, while there, I grabbed the Urban Decay Glinda palette. It was so hard to choose between Glinda and Theodora. I still hope to get Theodora! Though I have an issue with not calling her Elphaba, as I am used to doing so what with Wicked and all. I am a weird girl who loves Wicked, but never liked Wizard of Oz. I always loved the witches though (which explains my love of Wicked) and I cannot wait to see this movie!

This post is very image heavy with the packaging details and swatches!

To see more pictures, please keep reading.

^ The shadows and lip color are all named with themes from the movie. The eyeliner is Rockstar- one of my favorite Urban Decay eyeliner colors.

^ You get a little picture card of Michelle Williams who is playing Glinda in the movie.

^ On the back is a "get the look" card.

^ The packaging is similar to the Naked 2 with being a tin and having a snap closure. I love the designs they've chosen for these palettes.

^ Each pan can be removed working with their new freedom system.

^ Glinda lip color.

^ Rockstar eyeliner.

^ Tornado, Illusion.

^ Aura, Oz. Aura is a beautiful duochrome duo.

^ Magic, South.

Have you picked up the Glinda and/or Theodora palettes?


Anonymous said...

It's awesome and I love the purple and pink.

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