Friday, November 9, 2012

IMATS Toronto 2012 Wishlist

IMATS Toronto is quickly approaching. I'm so excited! I was chosen to be given a media pass this year, so I am hoping to go both days and take in most of the speakers and booths. I know I am definitely there most of Saturday! As usual, each year I provide my wishlist, any extra tips I may have, pictures from the event, and then follow it all up with my haul and reviews. These do not just apply to the Toronto IMATS, as most of the booths are present in the other locations as well!

Last year, I was able to get everything on my wishlist plus a few extra things. I like to keep my wishlist to a reasonable size and then allow for a few impulse buys. In a big room filled with makeup, I know I will see extra things that I just "have to have" so I allow for it. ;) If you're going to go all out on makeup buys, what better venue to do so than with a bunch of other beauty addicts?!

OCC Lip Tars in: Marion, Femme, and Interlace
Crown Brushes: C413 Brow Duo, AC009 Deluxe Camo/Lip, and AC010 Foundation/Camo
EmbryoLisse: 24 Hr. Miracle Cream
MUFE: Full Cover concealer

I love double-ended brushes for traveling! Crown Brushes are among my favorite brands. I have never tried an Embryolisse product, but I have heard nothing but raves for their creams. I swear by my Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer...there is not a thing it doesn't cover! And OCC Lip Tars always make my list. I do typically migrate toward the pinker shades simply because I know I'll wear them more than the other shades. These are so fantastically pigmented and I cannot wait to see the new packaging in person!

You can find all of my previous IMATS experiences and hauls under the IMATS label. If you are going to this year's event, please leave a comment or email me. I'd love to meet you!


Anonymous said...

ooh! the embrolyisse cream is on my wishlist as well, i totally forgot about that xx so excited for next weekend

Wendy Banner said...

@splattergirl - It's always around the first or middle of November so far. It's at the Congress Centre near the airport. Hope you can go to the one next year! :)

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