Wednesday, November 21, 2012

IMATS Photos!

Here are a few snapshots that I took while walking around on both days of IMATS! I've collaged them so that I can show more and it not be a massive post. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the wonders that IMATS creates and brings. It's truly an awesome experience and I wish for all of you to make it to one of the events one day!

^ The Makeup Art Museum. This is always a bit creepy and cool at the same time! They change up a few of the exhibits each year.

^ A few captures of some booths. The vendor at Naked Cosmetics was so lovely, even remembering me from last year! They also had a great nail polish booth this time, which I don't recall seeing previous years.

^ The shows that I attended! Josh Turi was fantastic and easily the highlight of IMATS for me. I'm a huge Saturday Night Live fan and hearing him talk about the sets and cast was amazing. He did a presentation on how to do a bald cap. Eve Pearl actually worked on the same model in her show. The bottom right was the MUFE show about HD makeup with MUA David Harbid.

Josh Turi deserved a bigger crowd than what was there, but it allowed me to get a second row seat. I was mesmerized! Afterward, he answered a question that I had about the Zach Galifianakis hosted episode where Zach had his beard, didn't have it, and then had it again. I was amazed that they were able to shave it and apply a fake one so quickly!

His answer: Zach didn't want to shave the beard the whole time and then changed his mind last minute during commercial break! He and another MUA had to tackle both sides of the beard together to have it done in time for the skit. And then at the end, Josh had to quickly apply fake facial hair again.

It took two men to get it done in time! Now, that's dedication to the arts!

^ These are a few body art demos going on at different booths. Always fun to watch!

Me and Christine! We finally met at IMATS this year. I got together with her and her boyfriend (who came with her- what a trooper!) to take in the MUFE show and look around a little. I've linked you all to her page before and I'll do it again. She's fabulous, adorable, and oh so sweet! :)

What a great two days I had! And they've already planned next year's event with a date and location change. The countdown begins!


Seonaid said...

It looks amazing! So jealous!
S xx

Unknown said...

Hi Wendy, Great pictures covering IMATS in Toronto! I got some NAKED pigments but I haven't had a chance to try them yet... So excited!

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