Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Hiatus

One more post for the day! My first one is photos from IMATS- you can scroll down or click here to see it!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and while I'm in Canada, I'm still celebrating! My husband has found a place downtown called The Peartree Restaurant and they serve an American Thanksgiving feast. How cool is that?! So he has taken the day off to take me downtown to see Christmas lights, an event at The Bay that Christine told me about, and then a big turkey dinner. Fun day ahead! I'm glad he is taking Friday off too, because we will need it to recover!

So I am taking a short hiatus just until Monday to enjoy the holiday. On Monday, I'll return with my group post. And on Tuesday, my IMATS haul! Yay! I hope all of my fellow Americans have a fantastic Thanksgiving. If you're brave enough to conquer Black Friday, I wish you luck with finding what you want...and not getting knocked over to get to it!

See you all on Monday!


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