Monday, September 17, 2012

A new weekly addition to the blog!

I was asked to join a beauty blogger group that will answer a question once each week! I am very excited to be a part of this. :) It's just a few of us and we all live in different areas of the world. Each week I will also link to one of their posts. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do! Starting with this post, you'll find these Monday group posts under the tag "group post".

Wendy's answer: Quo brushes! It is a whole makeup line that, as far as I know, is only sold in Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. I have not tried any of their other products, but I love their brushes. If I'm going to buy a brush at a drugstore, I go for these. I find them to be high quality and you can often find them at 40% off. I especially love the cream eyeshadow brush and the angled blush brush!

^ Four of my Quo brushes- blush, angled blush, blending fluff, and angled eyeliner.

Beauty & Baggage: is (unfortunately for your wallets) admitting that the NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush is worth the money.

Fashionable Heart: is professing her love for chiffon with her latest clothing haul!

Massachusetts Mask: is transitioning from Summer to Fall with the help of Revlon's Posh Nail Polish; its just bright enough to keep the Summer fun while the days get colder and colder!

Norwegian Elephant: because sometimes good need not be expensive. ;)

And please feel free to answer the question in the comments! I'd love to read your responses!


Unknown said...

I love QUO brushes and I always grab them when SDM has 40% off! Their lashes are really good too.

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