Monday, July 16, 2012

Birthday Haul Pt. 3- Random Goodies

This is the part of my birthday gifts that just don't fit into the other categories. :) I had a lovely birthday this year, one of the better ones in a long while. I certainly can't complain about it...except maybe for the fact that it's over already (and that I'm another year older)!

At Bath and Body Works, I grabbed some more anti-bacterial gels because I'm always giving them away as gifts and I go through them pretty quickly with my own personal use! I grabbed a candle sleeve, a Pink Chiffon spray, some summery Wallflower refills, and two small Caribbean Escape candles. I couldn't resist the adorable panda PocketBac holder! Now, if they'd just create a polar bear one!

I got my first ever pair of Converse sneakers. I'm in love already. And I see an addiction starting! I already want a pair of pink ones!

From my friend Daniel, I got some K-Cups. My Keurig is my best friend. If you're debating on getting one, the answer is YES! The cost is well worth it.

As for other gifts, I got some gift cards to Old Navy, The Bay (Canada's version of Macy's, basically), and a local dessert shop. One of our friends picked out a lovely vase that matches our home decor perfectly! And money...which I have never complained about as a gift. I love being able to pick out my own gift, so gift certificates and money are A-OK in my book!

Thank you to all of those that wished me happy birthday on here, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I really appreciate it!


Passing Fancy said...

I just adore your posts and pictures. you always make them so interesting <3 :)
happy birthday!

LauraMck said...

Ooh you got some lovely bits for your birthday:) I wish we had Bath and Body Works in Ireland xxx

Anonymous said...

yay! so glad to hear you got some awesome gifts. that panda anti bac cover is adorable !! xx

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