Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MAC Snowglobe Eyeshadows in Warm (Christmas 2011)

I picked these up back in March at a CCO when I was in the States. I figured I'd swatch them because: A) MAC almost always repromote past shades and B) You can still find these in a few CCOs at a discount! As a matter of fact, the majority of these are repromoted shades. The only exceptions are Patina which is part of the permanent line and Midnight Flurry, which I believe was new to this palette.

This is a really nice palette of neutrals. I'm happy to finally have Patina in my collection and I love Magical Mist. I don't find Winterscape to have the best color payoff, but it's still a pretty shade. I've used it to layer on top of other shades to provide a little sheen. Urban Decay's Virgin is similar but with better payoff.

If you see this in your local CCO, I absolutely recommend it!


Stephanie said...

Buckwheat is such a lovely color! I find the packaging from this collection to be really eye catching but some of the products really did not live up to expectations!

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