Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6/19/12- OOTD/NOTD and the Beach Boys!

Sorry to be so behind on updating this week. It's been such a busy week so far. I thought I'd share two of my Instagram pictures (I'm "wendybanner" on there) from yesterday when I went to the Beach Boys concert. Ever since I heard Kokomo when I was really young, I've been a fan of the Beach Boys and it's been a dream of mine to see them. I finally got my wish last night and it was amazing. They performed all of their hits plus some of my favorites. Can you guess one of my favorites? I admit that I'm biased in a very obvious way, but I love their song Wendy. ;)

I knew I wanted to wear something summery and Toronto is going through a massive heat wave right now.
Romper: Target (brand- Pure Energy)
Thin Crochet sweater: Old Navy
Not pictured: Havaianas flip-flops

Nails: I'm Wired by Sephora by OPI
Accent nail: Hot Gold pigment by NYX

What a great concert...they've still got it after 50 years! And coincidentally, a happy 70th birthday to Brian Wilson today!


Cass said...

You've got me all excited, I'm supposed to see the Beach Boys for the first time next month. :-)

P.S. Love the nail colors.

Wendy Banner said...

@Cass- It was amazing! There was no opening act. They performed for 2+ hours with only one short intermission. And if you haven't gotten their new album, you should look into it. It's so good and laid back! I hope you have a great time at the concert! :)

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