Friday, April 20, 2012

Nail Polish Storage

The way I store my nail polishes and accompanying items is nothing special. I might purchase one of those wall racks one day, but none have yet to tickle my fancy. Plus the fear of it falling off the wall and breaking everything worries me!

While I had a few polishes from before, my true addiction started when I finally kicked my nail biting habit last year. I still have some bad days where I bite, but I'm really proud to be rid of my worst habit of 20+ years. The double-edged sword is that I got rid of one habit and started another with buying nail polishes! Oops!

^ Everything together fits on one shelf of my "beauty" bookcase. I'll show it all in a future makeup organization post.

^ I keep everything in colorful little trays. I keep my mini sets of polishes in the back (OPI's Muppets Collection and Sephora's Glee Collection). The box on the left came from the dollar store, the one in the middle is from Ikea (and I just put flowery wrapping paper around it), and the one on the right is from Target. I have them organized by brand instead of color.

All of my OPI and China Glaze polishes are in the left box. The middle one contains Revlon, Sephora by OPI, and Barry M mostly. There is also a mug at the back that holds my nail art brush/dotter and nail art pens. At the back and middle of the right tray, I have mostly brands that I may only have one or two polishes from and also my Seche Vite base coat. In the front of that same tray is my Essie shades.

^ I got this little box at Target last month. It holds all of my removers, my cuticle cream, Salon Effects polish strips, and my manicure kit.

If When my collection grows, I'll probably change my organization around. For now, this fits my needs and I can easily find which colors I want to use. I'd love to know how you store your nail polishes!


Linh said...

You have a very nice nail polish collection! Plus it's neat and organized, so that's an extra plus! =)

Kar Yi said...

Cute storage! I especially like your flower tin :) I'm a total cheapie/recycling junkie when it comes to storage so all my nail polish is stored inside an old Kleenex box (with the top portion cut out). Sad to say my collection fits just perfectly inside the box so that means I'll have to find some way to expand.... XD

Lyciènne said...

I think it's a very lovely way to store the polishes - great!


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