Monday, April 9, 2012

Gaia Natural Products Goddess Kit Review

I was sent this around a month ago, but I try to wait a good while before reviewing skincare items because the skin needs time to adjust. I now feel that an adequate time has passed and I can properly review Gaia Natural's Goddess Kit. They also have a blog! Gaia is based in Mallorca, Spain and focus on eco-friendly and natural products.

^ Everything arrived safely and was packaged beautifully, especially the Goddess Oil.

To see more pictures and to read my review, please keep reading.

^ Palmarosa Facial Polishers. I'll admit that it took me a moment to figure out how to use these. I tried them wet first and that didn't work. That's when I realized that you should heat these up with your fingertips and the product melts with the heat. It's then easy to massage into the skin. These are really gentle and do not turn my skin red as a lot of scrubs tend to do to my sensitive skin.

^ The Flower Water toner is my personal fave of the trio. It has a delicate smell and easily rinses the scrub from skin. It does not feel as harsh as some other toners can feel and my skin does not feel tight afterward.

^ They package the Goddess Oil beautifully in a tin with dried flower petals. The oil is easy to apply with a dropper.

This kit is dedicated to dry and sensitive skin by adding moisturizing ingredients and being gentle in the process. In using this, my extra dry and dull spots from the winter have nearly vanished and my skin feels soft to the touch. The only thing I don't like so much is the heavy floral scent, which is completely based on personal preferences. However, I use the kit right as I'm going to bed so it doesn't bother me as much.

If you are hooked on skincare items from The Body Shop, Lush, etc., I'd suggest you give Gaia Natural Products a look. I love the handmade and natural aspect, because sometimes it just does not get better than what nature provides. They even have kits geared towards men! I'm happy to have had a chance to try these products, as I might never have come across them and I do like the results that this kit gave me.

* This product was sent to me to review. I am not being paid, nor does the fact that I got it for free change my thoughts about this product.


Stephanie said...

Never heard of this brand before but thanks for the review! The packaging of the Goddess Oil is so adorable =]

Unknown said...

Dear Wendy, so glad that you liked our Goddess Kit! The oils in the Goddess oil are all natural and especially chosen as they are all women's oils. Evening Primrose is part of the jojoba base and the essential oils are Rose Absolute to make for the finest skin tones ever and Clary Sage which will work form the inside out. It enhances all your female organs in return giving you a beautiful skin!
The exfoliating Palmarosa Facial Polisher as you say can be gently warmed between the palms of your hand though in summer you can probably work them straight onto the skin! They have rose petal powder aswell as oats as exfoliants in them! Oats famously will even out your skin tones giving you that wonderful clear even skin tone!
Enjoy and let us know when you need more! ;-)

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