Friday, March 2, 2012

Deborah Lippmann's The Stripper to Go: Review

Nail Polish Canada was very kind to send me a few Deborah Lippmann nail polish remover mitts. The Stripper to Go mitts come individually wrapped and each mitt does both hands. When I first received them, I noticed that they have a lavender scent. I personally love that because the smell of regular nail polish remover has always made me a little nauseous. However if you don't like the smell of lavender, you may not like these.

To see more pictures, please keep reading.

^ The inclusion of aloe vera is great. My nails and fingers felt hydrated after use and I suffer from very dry skin around my nails.

^ The mitt. This will clean all ten fingers! As a matter of fact, I only used it on five fingers for this post but I used it on my toes afterward (which had a dark color on them- OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark). I was able to remove the polish on all ten. So that's one hand and both feet. This little thing packs a punch! When you take it out of the pouch, it is drenched in remover. So be careful of it dripping out of the pouch and open it upright.

^ I used five different types of nail polish for this. Revlon's Black with Envy, Essie's Lady Like, Layla Magneffect in Purple Galaxy, Deborah Lippmann's Lady Sings the Blues, and Barry M's Foil Effects in Gold. I was really excited to see how well it would work on glitter polish, so of course I used one from Deborah's own line. Glitter is the worst and the prettiest thing ever created at the same time (and an absolute pain to get off of nails)!

^ On the left you'll see all of the nail colors. Excuse the horrible paint job as I knew I'd just be wiping it right off! And on the right, you can see the results. There is still a bit of color residue in the smaller areas, but a polish-saturated Q-Tip will take care of that. Look at that ring finger- not a speck of glitter left! It took hardly any wiping at all. I actually put the mitt over them and let it sit for a moment before wiping. Let the remover do most of the work for you.

I think these will be great for traveling or just to have in your collection on those days that you wear that ridiculously-impossible-to-remove nail polish! And for $12 CAN for six mitts, they are not going to break the bank. These are conveniently packaged and I am impressed by how easy it was to remove all of the polish. I will happily purchase these in the future.

* This product was sent to me to review. I am not being paid, nor does the fact that I got it for free change my thoughts about this product.


wtmontana said...

These look great! I'm going to look into getting some once I'm back to non-gel manicures again :-)

Diary of a Closet Gamer said...

I got a couple of these samples when I placed my order and I LOVE them! Thanks for review!

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