Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lush's Do Knot Disturb - Valentine's Day Gift

Lush puts out different gifts and products for different holidays each year and while I'm not the biggest fan of Lush, the pre-packaged gifts are usually a great deal. As a matter of fact when I do get Lush, it is mostly during the holidays to take advantage of these deals. I very rarely (as in maybe once a year) buy their individual items. I find Lush to be a little hit and miss, so I like the idea of getting a bit of discount in getting these special sets.

To my knowledge, these are all permanent items. This set is still available for purchase online! Items inside include: Soft Coeur massage bar, French Kiss bubble bar, Sex Bomb bath bomb, and Lust soap.

For more pictures, please keep reading.

^ I can't comment on the smell, because I have left it wrapped until I get around to using it. I don't want moisture getting to it as these melt easily. I don't really get the point of the chocolate chunk.

^ This smells really calming. I look forward to using this for a late-night bubble bath. And the colors are gorgeous. Almost too pretty to use. Almost. This is the product I'm looking most forward to using.

^ The smell is a little strong for my liking, but these bath bombs always change once they come in contact with water. I'm hoping this will mellow as it fizzes. The Lust soap is also made with Jasmine. I love the Korres Jasmine scent, but Lush's version is a little too overwhelming for my taste.

Today is Mardi Gras! Laissez les bon temps rouler (let the good times roll)! And tomorrow begins Lent. If you honor it, is there anything you're giving up or taking on?


Unknown said...

These are so cute!

LauraMck said...

Wow this set is lovely!! I got the Soft Coeur Massage bar in the Ps I love you gift set!! I really like it, has a gorgeous sweet scent!! xx

Jackie said...

that looks lovely! I love Lush!

<3 Jackie

Wendy Banner said...

@LauraMck- So glad to hear you like it! :)

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