Friday, November 11, 2011

Old Navy Christmas Haul

I'm calling it a Christmas haul because I ordered it from the US site and I'm having it shipped to my mom's. I'll be there for Christmas to open it up. Nothing like sending gifts to myself! ;) I took advantage of the F&F sale and picked out items that I can't necessarily get in stores or online here.

Have you been taking advantage of all of these F&F sales popping up? There's been Old Navy, Benefit, Sephora, Urban Decay...and more. Are you broke yet?! :P


boobledygook said...

Oooh Wendy I just love your choices, love it!!!

Ellese said...

I also just did a big order with Old Navy! They really had some wonderful items this year. I love the camel colored boots you chose. I was eying those too!

lots of love,

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