Monday, August 15, 2011

Project 10 Pan: Done!

Finally! It has taken me about four months, but I have completed ten beauty items thus successfully ending my current Project 10. :) You can see my first post about it all here. I finished up just at the beginning of this month. It's a good feeling!

^ Everything sprawled out!

^ Sephora and MAC makeup wipes, Maybelline Dream Mousse concealer, Clinique Almost Makeup foundation, CoverGirl LashBlast mascara, Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick (review coming), and CoverGirl NatureLuxe foundation.

^ My beautiful Dream Mousse concealer. I'm completely not above getting the absolute last remnants out of the jar before I truly toss it out. It'll be a sad day!

^ Pantene shampoo, Body Shop Vitamin E facial mist, and Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon spray.

And there we have it! Of course, I did what any beauty addict would do after finishing one of these projects. I made a very small online Sephora order! ;) When it arrives, I'll do a post. Have any of you started or completed a Project 5/10 Pan recently? It's hard work, but worth it.


Kar Yi said...

Congrats! You held up so well and managed to finish quite a few makeup products :) I tried a project 10 pan (turned 15 pan) many months ago and it failed quite miserably. But today I actually made my first beauty purchase today at Sephora after 2 months and 10 days of not buying beauty products (yes, I'm that proud of myself that I remember the exact date of my last purchase!). It sort of felt like a project 10 pan only I haven't used up many makeup products :( Can't wait to see what you got from Sephora!

Amy said...

Ahhh!! Congrats!!! ^___^ It's great to be successful in P10Ps. :)
I haven't started a Project yet...but I just might have to soon. Haha ;;

Wendy Banner said...

@AngelicBetrayal- I always keep out the products I want to use up. Like if it's a skincare item, I make sure it is front and center on my counter. I have a bad tendency to hide things away and completely forget about them! Yay for you putting yourself on a bit of ban and being successful! :D

@Amyboo- Hey girl! Thanks! It was a long road, but so worth it. Such a satisfying feeling when I throw away an empty container! If you start one, I wish you luck. :)

WendyE said...

I've been keeping track of my used beauty items on a spreadsheet. 76 so far in 2011!

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