Thursday, August 11, 2011

Old Navy Fall Haul 2011

OK...maybe I'm rushing fall just a little, but I couldn't resist starting to stock up when I was mailed a 25% off coupon code for Old Navy online. I didn't overdo it, though it certainly took restraint not to. They have some great styles out right now! Now to wait impatiently for my new outfits to arrive!

*pictures from Old Navy

1. black cami- These are my favorite tanks. I wear them under nearly everything and they are comfortable enough to sleep in. My favorite part is that the straps are adjustable. Canada / US

2. floral chemise- Technically, not just for fall. I fell in love with the pattern (my love for florals is not unknown!) and it looks really comfortable to sleep in while producing an understated sexy vibe. Depending on how long or short it is, I might even be able to pair it with a cardigan and leggings for a look outside of the bedroom. We'll see! Canada / US

3. black dolman sweater tunic- Perfect to pair with jeggings and skinny jeans! Canada / US

4. navy sweater dress- I already have a black one just like this and it's amazing. The length is perfect for me (I'm 5' 9" and it hits a few inches above the knee). I thought I'd get navy this time to pair with my gray leggings and boots. Canada / US

I also grabbed a few items the other week with a gift card that I received for my birthday. I snagged up a green tank with a white crocheted lace pattern on the neckline (not on websites any longer), a pair of blue plaid PJ bottoms, a pink top that can be on the shoulder or off, and a green polkadot tank! I really recommend the chiffon tops, because the neckline is very versatile.

Have you started stocking up on your fall wardrobe for this year yet? It's my favorite season and the one that I have the most fun shopping for! :)


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