Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunset Sleek Palette Swatches

I have had this palette for awhile now, but I realized that I never swatched it. It is a part of Sleek's permanent line. Sleek Makeup is an UK-based company, but I do believe they ship anywhere but Africa. I got mine as a gift from a friend that lives in England. And I honestly want to order more of their products, because I've really been impressed with their eyeshadows and gel eyeliner.

These are my swatches for the Sunset i-Divine Palette, which has shades that represent the sun, sea, and sand. I love that the compact is small and has a big mirror that takes over the entire inside lid. The eyeshadows are a decent size and very pigmented. They are a bit powdery, so there might be fallout when you use them. I usually spritz my brush with Fix Plus and apply them wet to avoid that. They take on a whole different silky look when wet and you can double the black as eyeliner and the reds as lip color.

The Sleek brand is worth checking out. They pride themselves on especially being able to serve skintones that are often under-represented by other makeup brands. For their face products, they even offer tester kits so you can find your perfect shade before buying a full-sized item. Have you tried Sleek? What's your favorite product by them?


Kearea' said...

great swatches. ive heard great things about sleek's pigmentation. i would have to get a whole bunch of things though to justify the $20+ shipping charges to the US

fab21xoxo said...

I also love Sleek cosmetics. I think shipping is a flat $13.50 in USD. I even have a sleek wishlist!
iDivine palettes in: storm, sunset and another fun one (can't think of the name)
A few of their "blushers"!

Mi_Mi said...

wow i love the colours number 4 hot hot hot...

Stevista said...

I own 6 of their palettes and 6 of their blushes and I like all of them, they're so pigmented and beautiful! Sunset along with Bad Girl were out of stock when I ordered, so unfortunately I don't have them :( Such pretty colors! x

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