Friday, May 13, 2011

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil Swatches

My goodness, Blogger has had some real issues the past few days! First, the blogs I read were not showing up on my dashboard. Then, it went into read-only mode for the past two days. Hopefully it's back up and running permanently now! And my giveaway ends tonight just before midnight, so there is still time for last minute entries. :)

I have gotten some more NYX eyeshadow pencils since my last swatch post on them. So I am providing swatches of the old and new ones that I own.

I love these! They are pigmented, cheap, and make eyeshadows pop. I find that they do crease, so I use them over a primer. I also only use a small amount and blend out. I never wear them alone, as I prefer to pair a similar color of eyeshadow on top to give it lasting power. The lids and pencils can get a little messy, but it doesn't affect the pencil. And the bigger side of dual sharpeners do a fine job of sharpening these when you wear the tip down.

My favorite ones are Milk, Iced Mocha, Yogurt, and Horse Raddish (that's the way they spell it). Which ones do you own, if any? I'm sure I'll be getting more of these in the future, especially if NYX has a booth at IMATS again! :)

Happy Friday the 13th! Have a great day!


Stevista said...

Omg Blue Purple is amazing, I'm obsessed with such colors!! They all look so pigmented and creamy! Once I'm done with my spending ban I'll definitely get some of these! Thanks for the swatches :) x

Raech @ ❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

I thought it was my internet connection and not blogger. I only found out about that yesterday. Anyways, you've got so many NYX jumbo pencils there! :) I only have a couple and lemon, milk and cottage cheese are my favorites. Tempted to order iced mocha now :)


Anonymous said...

I love NYX jumbo pencils.

New follower ♥

WendyE said...

I have Iced Mocha, but it wore down and I didn't know how to sharpen it, thanks for the tip!

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