Wednesday, April 6, 2011

UK Gifts!

My friend Amanda sent me a few more goodies the other month and I have no idea why I'm just now getting around to showing them on here. It's not that they haven't been getting love from me!

My first ever Cath Kidston item! I love her prints and going to her website is dangerous for me, because I want everything. :) She now has an American website to order from, so I know where I'll be ordering from before my next trip home! I'd love to order now, but unfortunately only the UK site ships here and it's relatively expensive.

Barry M Nail Effects in Black Magic. Now they have different colors available, so onto my wishlist they go! :) This is basically the same thing as the new OPI Shatter nail polish.

Barry M Fine Glitter Dust in 4 (Silver) and Dazzle Dust in 91 (Silvery Black).

Barry M Glossy Tube in 4. The website says it's a matte pink, but this is a sheer peach shade at best. Maybe they changed the colors and numbers recently and the website is showing a new shade? Feel free to let me know if this is indeed the same #4 shade that is currently available. Regardless, this color is gorgeous and looks so good over a nude lipstick.

Barry M Lip Paint in 152 (Vintage Rose). Gorgeous color to pair with a "barely there" eye look!


Miranda said...

That make-up bag is super cute!

I got your package in the mail today! Everything is lovely. :) I'm planning to do some sort of post on it and I will make sure to link it back to you! Thanks again. :D

<3 Miranda

FashionAffair said...

Ok, so the bad is amazinggg and I am so jealous of your Barry M productss!!!

Gaby Fauchon said...

The Silvery Black Dazzle Dust and the lipgloss look pretty (=

WendyE said...

I positively covet Barry M polishes

Wendy Banner said...

@Miranda- So glad it arrived safely! :)

@FashionAffair- I wish they were available in Canada and the States!

@Gaby- The Silvery Black pigment is amazing. It's a duochrome and I think it will make a great smoky eye.

@WendyE- If only they were easy to get! Every one I've tried has been amazing. :)

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