Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Trends 2011

I realized that I haven't done a spring trends post yet! Sure the typical florals are in, but I'm steering my list from that. I love love love florals, but we all know those are effortless in the spring and summer months. While I generally steer from a lot of bright colors, I'm really liking them right now. It feels so fresh and vibrant!

1. White.
2. Bow belts.

3. Brights.

4. Color blocking.
5. Mixed prints.

6. Maxi dresses.

7. High-waisted wide-legged jeans.

8. Stripes.

9. Cuffed hems on jeans.

10. Fringe.

Share some trends that you've seen that you're excited about! Is there anything that you're absolutely shaking your head about? I personally hate the flat wedges that are making rounds. I just don't find them appeasing to the eye at all.

*Derek Lam


FashionAffair said...

I am in love with the nautical trend! and I totally agree with you about the wedge flats..

Lillian said...

Oh I love color blocking.

You are so making me want to go shopping. ;)

Sell WoW Account said...

color blocking and dresses!:D

Wendy Banner said...

@FashionAffair- Nautical is always great! I'll take any chance that I can pair blue, red, white, and gold! :)

@Lillian- Oops! ;)

@Sell WoW- I'm so excited for color blocking. It's instant chic!

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