Monday, January 24, 2011

Model Mirror Review

This was one of my Christmas presents. If you watch makeup/beauty videos on YouTube, you might have heard of these. A few "gurus" have them now. I actually saw it first a few months ago in a JuicyTuesday video (love her!). I thought to myself about how handy this little mirror could be! I always carry a mirror with me, because when you don't have one is the time that you really need one. :) You can find Model Mirrors on Les Tai Tai. And they have a nice selection of patterns to choose from!

It was a hard choice for me to actually choose which pattern I wanted. It came down to the bow and the polkdadots. As always, bows win my heart. The outer covering is a nice smooth rubber, so it is easy to grip and feels nice to the touch. They come with their own drawstring bag to protect them when they are moving around in your purse.

The top half (which is the left side in this picture) has eight little lights that you can turn on and off so when you're in those dark places you can see if you need a touch-up. The mirrors offers 2x magnification.

This is the button you press to toggle the lights on and off. The lights last up to ten hours! That is a lot of nightly touch-ups before the battery even thinks of shutting down. When that happens, they offer a battery pack replacement.

The eight LED lights really make a difference and make this mirror stand out. They are brighter in person than how they appear in pictures. It has really come in handy. The price is a little steep, but it is worth it. If you take late night road trips, go out with friends late at night, take a late flight, etc. etc., this is perfect for whipping out in those low-light times.

The mirror is selling for $34/US and the replacement battery pack is $7. They ship worldwide and the UK version of the site has even more patterns to choose from! This is a great little invention, so I hope you add it to your wishlist. :)


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