Monday, December 20, 2010

Florida Haul Pt. 3- B&BW, JC, and BJ

My hauls from Bath and Body Works, Juicy Couture, and Betsey Johnson. I found some great deals. Outlets are seriously the best thing ever invented for shopaholics! :) I'm sorry if you hate hauls. It is that time of year, though! I assure you that I have more interesting topics coming up soon like: December favorites, best products of the year list, and worst/best dressed of 2010, etc. I also have a list of swatches and reviews to get around to. Hopefully I'll have a little something for all of you! And if you have any special requests, just leave them on any of my posts. :)

I got all five of the Christmas reindeer scents for 5/$5. Did I need more hand sanitizer? No. Am I ashamed to admit that I got these based solely on the adorable reindeer and the fact that they are Christmas related? No! ;) I always carry a bottle or two of anti-bacterial gel with me, though. These will definitely be shown plenty of love! I believe I got the two PINK body mists for 2/$20.

I think the wallet was $30. I really wanted a smaller wallet for to carry with my smaller purses. Most of my wallets are the long checkbook style ones. And you know my infatuation with polar bears, so I was really excited to see this charm in the store. I had missed my chance to get it when it first came out. I believe it was around $30, as well. Walking out of Juicy with two items under $100 is a huge success.

Just a close-up of the charm. He has rhinestones along his paws. Officially the cutest charm I own. :)

If I'm near a Betsey Johnson, I always go to her socks first. She always has the cutest printed socks! I grabbed the sequined leopard bag not only because I love leopards, but because it is huge. I used it this weekend for when I went to Niagara Falls and it fit all of my makeup that I needed. It was just under $25. It might be a little tacky, but I'm ok with that. ;)

I did cross the border once again this weekend while I was in Niagara Falls. Not sure if I'll show the stuff or just post it on Flickr. I feel like I might bore you if I post two travel hauls back-to-back. Though I don't mind if you just disregard the posts that don't interest you! <3


Cotton said...

JEALOUSSS. i want those reindeer sanitizers! lol theyre cute :)


Every Little Thing said...

I love Juicy and Betsey Johnson accessories!

Anonymous said...

great haul love! :D i recently got my first juicy purse at the outlet in vaughan mills, but now, i might want to pick up a wallet, since yours is so cute! x

Lillian said...

Oh please! I love seeing your hauls. So back to back hauls are fine with me. :)

& That polar bear is so cute!

Wendy Banner said...

@Amelia- If they had been out here when I was getting your package together, I would have totally sent one!

@Christine- I really like their wallets. My wallets take a lot of abuse and these seem to hold up. Even better when you can find them at the outlets for good prices. :)

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