Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Layout!

I liked the last layout, but you know me. I get bored so easily. I updated my layout. I now have a wider header and had to tweak the codes, so please let me know if it does not load properly for you! Hope you like it.

*header picture taken by me at IMATS Toronto 2010


Cass said...

Love the header, so sparkly!

Every Little Thing said...

i like it, especially the header!

Kerri Fortune said...

purdy :D
you always make the best headers!

GrrrowlGurl said...

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Anonymous said...

I Love the new layout! Purple is a gorgeous colour!! Your heading is super cute too - makes me want to play with my layout. Everything loads fine for me, so i think your tweaking worked! :)


Wendy Banner said...

Thanks everyone for the feedback and compliments! Really appreciate it! <3

@Tess- I love Philosophy! I'll check that out!

Lillian said...

love the new layout!

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