Tuesday, November 9, 2010

IMATS Toronto 2010 Haul

I think I spent a little more than last year, but a few of the products (not pictured below) I purchased are for a swap I'm doing with Amelia. :) I walked out having $30 left of the money that I had allotted for spending. Not bad!

Only three things from Make Up For Ever. I was planning to get more, but they were sold out of a lot of things that I wanted. This is probably a good thing since this was the first booth I stopped at and didn't want to spend too much money yet! Aqua Eyes in 0L (black), Full Cover Concealer in 1 (fair), and HD blush in #7 (a peachy color). All will be swatched and reviewed!

OCC Lip Tars in Hush and Memento. I wanted these so badly last year but they had sold out, so I made it one of my first booths to stop by this time. I got lucky and wasted no time in telling them the exact two I wanted. One woman looked at me and said "I like you. You're a lady on a mission!" Darn right, I knew I had to have them this year. I absolutely cannot wait to swatch these and give my review!

Eve Pearl's Salmon Concealer and Treatment in Light. I've heard such lovely things about this concealer.

NYX had a booth this year, which had one of the bigger selections available among the different brands. I was really impressed. This also worked out perfectly, because Amelia happened to ask for a few NYX goodies for our swap. ;) Clear lipgloss, Salsa lipgloss, Bling lipstick, Heiress lipstick, Sparkling Dusty Rose lipstick, Summer in Hampton lipstick, Mauve blush, Peach blush, and Versus palette.

Just a quick picture to show you the Versus palette. Neutrals on top row and purples on the bottom row? Yes, please. It's a beautiful color scheme. Did I need another palette? No, but you try to say no to this. It's gorgeous. Ha!

I only picked up two brushes from Royal & Langnickel. They make decent brushes, but I do prefer Crown. Their booth was my last stop of the day. I managed to grab up the last concealer brush. The kabuki brush is so soft. It gives my EcoTools one a run for its money!

Crown brushes. These are some of the best affordable brushes around. So many people talk about Sigma, but not enough people talk about Crown! I picked up a flat top kabuki, an angled blush brush, duo fiber face brush, a tapered face brush (similar to MAC 138), retractable lip brush, lip brush, and a fluffy eyeshadow brush (MAC 217 dupe). I will give a further review on these with pros, cons, and uses.

If you want to know a specific price of something I got, I'll do my best to remember. The most expensive thing I bought would be the Eve Pearl concealer at $25 and the cheapest was the $2 concealer brush from Royal & Langnickel. That just shows you how decent the discounts and prices are at IMATS. If going to a future IMATS,I recommend looking at the different exhibitor's websites and making a list of what you want, because otherwise you'll go in and end up overwhelmed by the selection. I made my list and stuck to it. It also made my time at the booths shorter and I didn't go over budget.

I'm very happy with my haul this year. I got so many things that I have been wanting for a long time. I am really looking forward to doing the reviews and swatches. Hope to see YOU there next year! :)


Cotton said...

owww jeal you got to go to imats :( still waiting for it to come here!.

glad you enjoyed it though :) &&great timing ehh.. for the swap lol


Wendy Banner said...

I want to go to the ones in LA and London so badly! It's such a fabulous environment. :)

Kerri Fortune said...

Sadly, I was kind of squealing like a little girl reading this post. The liptar colors look gorgeous !

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