Friday, November 12, 2010

CMA Arrivals: My Hits & Misses

The CMAs were the other night. Aside from a few performances, I was more interested in the "red" carpet arrivals. So here are my hits and misses of the Country Music Association awards show! I'm keeping it at four each, as not to do a photo overload. :)

Carrie's dress was gorgeous. My only problem is that I wish she had smiled, because it would have made her look even better. And Taylor was a knockout in a red number with a high slit. It's nice to see her outside of the sparkly gowns sometimes!

Gwyneth Paltrow- hubba hubba! This dress looks smashing on her and I love the ombre effect. And she sang her song with Vince well. People did not realize she could sing, which makes me think I'm the only one who watched her and Huey Lewis in Duets! Laura Bell Bundy hit the right notes in a belted dress that fit just right.

Oh Kellie, you paid for that chest...the least you could do is make 'em look good. This dress was not a good cut for her, offered no support, and added pounds to her frame. Katherine's dress looks too tight in the chest area and her hair was not a good choice. Love the color of the dress, though!

LeAnn, did you forget your pants or that you were coming to an awards show? That looks like a tank top that I could get at Forever 21. I was sitting there wondering what on earth Leighton was doing at a country music affair when she mentioned her new movie where she plays a country singer. Makes sense and answered my question about why Gwyneth was there also! I actually like her dress, it's the makeup I don't like. She looks really tired.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! :)


Anonymous said...

Leeann Rhymes is a country singer! haha IDK if you knew that because of your comment as to why she is there-because she hasn't done anything recent that has been huge, but she used to be an award winning performer! haha
The things time can change, right!? lol

Wendy Banner said...

Sorry for the confusion! I was talking about Leighton in that next season, so I edited it to make sense. Glad you said something though, because I wouldn't have been able to correct it. :) It's Leighton that I was wondering why she was there.

I guess LeAnn is too busy being with her new man to do much music! Wish she'd go back to doing songs like what she had on the Coyote Ugly soundtrack. :)

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