Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Collection of Urban Decay 24/7 Liners

These are my absolute favorite eye pencils. I first fell in love when the Alice in Wonderland palette came out and offered the Zero and Flipside pencils. That started the craze for me! I reach for my 24/7 pencils more than anything else when it comes to my bottom lashes and waterline. They last all day and night!

Tip: Though you shouldn't always sleep with makeup on, falling asleep with these still on makes the perfect smudgy smokey eye for the next day!

1. Whiskey comes with the new Naked palette! Rumor has it that it will become a full-sized liner, though! It's a great dark brown.

2. Zero is my favorite black eyeliner. I understand why they put it in every palette.

3. Gunmetal is a shimmery silver. I had higher expectations for it, but it's still a nice alternate to black for smokey eyes.

4. Yeyo is a nice multi-use pencil. Use on the waterline to widen and brighten eyes. Use it on the brow bone or inner corner as a highlight. It's convenient to have.

5. Rockstar is my absolute favorite. I think I wear this even more than Zero. It gives such a nice understated pop of color.

6-7. Bourbon and Oil Slick are both shimmery. I go for these more for nights out. I do find them to not go on as smoothly as the others, though. The glitter makes it a bit clumpy. I don't use them that often.

8. Flipside. So bright! It's so pretty, but I just don't use it. I'm more of a neutral eyeliner gal, but I will bring myself to do a look with it one day. It's too pretty not to!


Lillian said...

I love my 24/7 liners. You should look at Stash, it is such a lovely metallic green.

Monica said...

those colours are gorgeous!

Wendy Banner said...

@Lillian- Definitely going to look at that as my next purchase! Green is one color that I don't have as an eyeliner. Sounds like it will be a nice color to try out for fall!

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