Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Emmy Awards 2010- Best and Worst

A little late on this, but oh well! Here are my top 5 and my choice for worst dress of the night. I know I'm a Gleek, but I honestly didn't mean to include four Glee stars. Guess they learn quickly how to dress for such an important night, because they all did it right!

Jayma Mays- This color was so great on her pale skin with her hair color. She looked radiant!

Amber Riley- I love to see a fellow curvy girl get it right. This hugs her in all of the right places.

Heather Morris- Some don't like the belt, but I like it. It breaks it up and makes it more interesting for me. I feel that it also gives the dress and the wearer more shape!

Claire Danes- Holy Moses! Who is this chick, because she doesn't look anything like she used to in My So-Called Life! This dress is absolutely stunning on her.

Mark Salling- Quite frankly, I think he'd even look good in a paper sack.

January Jones- The color is terrific...and that's about it.


Lillian said...

omg January Jones! That dress was so weird. It should have been an either or. Either the weird fabric or the odd length, not both.

But I thought Tina Fey looked lovely this go round.

Jen said...

It looks like they spent all that time getting January into that dress that they forgot to do anything with her hair. It looks really frizzy and untamed.

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